Shipping Instructions

If shipping frozen cell line cultures or tissue the samples must be shipped on dry ice

The sample vials should be sent by any express courier that accepts dry ice shipments (we recommend to contact your local Fedex office). When shipping samples from outside the EU – please ensure 3 copies of a signed Proforma invoice (PEPSCOPE will provide these on request) accompany your shipment which specifies your samples are non-hazardous and non-infectious (“Biological substance, Category B”, UN3373) Since the samples are not for resale, the value of your shipment should be priced at approximately $1.00 per sample in order to avoid paying additional duties and taxes.

Please ensure that you email  your courier airway bill number and the date of departure to so we will be able to track your shipment in transit and ensure it arrives in a timely manner.

For shipping the samples we highly recommend to send out on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. We will send a confirmatory e-mail once your shipment arrives at our facility.