Kinome profiling

Our 6-step Kinome Profiling process

Kinome profile process schematic
  1. Sample collection – Performed in your lab
  2. Sample preparation – cell or tissue lysis
  3. Phosphorylationreactions – Of substrates on peptide substrate microarrays
  4. Detection – Of phosphorylated substrates on arrays
  5. Quantification and data analysis – Using our in-house developed software
  6. Results – A panoramic view of kinase activities


Workflow and timetable

Step 1 -> Contact us to discuss experimental setup and sample preparation

Step 2 -> We send you our sample preparation protocol and checklist

Step 3 -> You prepare and ship the samples to Pepscope

>Shipping instructions

Step 4 ->We process your samples

Step 5 -> We analyze the results and prepare a comprehensive report

Step 6 -> You get your results

>Sample report

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