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Physiological changes in cells and tissues are driven by changes in protein levels and post-translational modifications (PTMs). Phosphorylation through protein kinase signaling pathways is one of the commonest PTMs involved in regulating biological processes in a cell. Dysregulation of kinase signaling pathways is commonly associated with various diseases such as a wide range of cancer types. These crucial events are usually NOT detected by gene expression and mutational profiling. This is why kinomics and proteomics are considered to be a better representation of cellular phenotypes.

Protein kinases have proven to be an important class of drug targets for the pharmaceutical industry. PEPSCOPE is an expert in kinase activity profiling technologies – Our solutions are tailored to your needs, enabling unique insights in the phosphorylation status of cells and tissues. PEPSCOPE will support you in finding new proteins or identifying the presence of hypothetical proteins. Also we are able to provide quantitative data in order to investigate hypothetical biological functional studies.

We are able t0 support you with applications such as:

  • Development of new Tools and Technologies in Kinase Drug Discovery
  • Kinase Evolution & Development of Resistance to Kinase Inhibitors
  • Kinase target discovery
  • Kinase inhibitor studies
  • Purified kinase characterization
  • Investigating combination therapies
  • Clinical trial monitoring
  • Theranostics

With both our Kinome profiling and Phosphoproteomics services PEPSCOPE is targeting the high-end market that are interested in in-depth proteomics analyses such as:

  • Maximize the total number of proteins in a proteome (depth) OR
  • The number of different peptides in a protein (coverage)

Continuous development and innovation

We continuously advance our capabilities in microarray- and MS-based proteomics in order to guarantee unrivalled data quality for the analysis of cell line and tissue samples.

Our services