Kinome Profiling

Activity-based Kinome Profiling on substrate microarrays 

Protein kinases exert their functions in complex networks comprised of interconnected signal transduction pathways. Abnormalities in these pathways are implicated in the etiology of numerous diseases (eg. various types of cancer). Pepscope’s kinase substrate microarrays provide you with unique information about all detectable kinase activities in cells or tissues.



Substrate microarray assays for kinase activity profiling is based on the determination of peptide substrate phosphorylation events by protein kinases in complex mixtures such as cell lysates. Samples are assayed on selected kinase substrates. These carefully selected peptide substrates are derived from proteins with important functions in various signaling transduction pathways. We use isotopic detection, which is highly sensitive and is not hampered by substrate bias. This technology opens up a range of applications in drug development and signal transduction research, such as profiling enzyme specificity and obtaining new information about kinase activities and kinase-inhibitor specificity.

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